Big Brother

The fifth series of reality show Big Brother is on Channel 4 with the show's producers promising tougher housemate challenges. The winning housemate stands to win up to £100,000 - but they could also end up with nothing thanks to new rules.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

pagina oficial de big brother vip 3

1. The first time an object of type Dog is created, or the first time a static method or static field of class Dog is accessed, the Java interpreter must locate Dog.class, which it does by searching through the classpath.

2. As Dog.class is loaded (creating a Class object, which you'll learn about later), all of its static initializers are run. Thus, static initialization takes place only once, as the Class object is loaded for the first time.

3. When you create a new Dog( ), the construction process for a Dog object first allocates enough storage for a Dog object on the heap.

4. This storage is wiped to zero, automatically setting all the primitives in that Dog object to their default values (zero for numbers and the equivalent for boolean and char) and the references to null.


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